Ground sulfur

Specification        TDS 127.5-93

Ground sulfur for agriculture is used as a fungicide to control powdery mildew and mites in all crops except gooseberry, for the preparation of preparative forms of sulfur and mixed preparations, as well as for export.

Packaging and marking of sulfur: Upon agreement with the consumer sulfur may be packed in soft rubber-cord containers or plastic bags as per GOST 17811.

Gross weight: (40±1) kg.

Paper bags sewn, plastic bags are heat-sealed and sewn.

Bags are placed into packages in accordance with GOST 26663.

Upon agreement with the consumer, sulfur in bags may be shipped in an unpackaged form.

Reference designation when ordering:

Ground sulfur for agriculture, GOST 127-3-93

Transportation and storage

Sulfur is transported by all means of transport in closed vehicles in accordance with the hazardous cargo traffic rules in force applicable to the certain type of transport.

Transportation by open types of vehicles is allowed provided for the protection from precipitation.

Transportation of sulfur to be exported is carried out in accordance with the requirements of this standard or contract.

Sulfur in bags in packaged and unpackaged from is stored in covered spaces on wooden pallets.

Pallets with packaged sulfur are stacked. There should be at least 0.75 m wide passage between the piles. Location of pallets with sulfur near water pipes and heating appliances is not allowed.

Physical and chemical features 

Parameter name 


1. Mass fraction of sulfur, %, min


2. Mass fraction of arcenic, %, max


3. Mass fraction of water, %, max


4. Residue in a sieve with perforation 014Н as per GOST 6613, %, max


Note – Parameter 2 of the table is warranted, and determined upon request of the consumers or controlling organization.

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