Non-pressure polyethylene pipes

Specification        TŞ 00039491-01-2011

This standard applies to non-pressure polyethylene pipes (hereinafter referred to as pipes) intended for use as external and internal sewage and ventilation pipelines transporting water, air, other media to which polyethylene is resistant, as well as for the application as capsules for cables when laying them.

Packaging, marking: Depending on the diameter, the pipes are bound into packages or rolled into coils.

A cardboard or paper label is attached to each package or coil with indication of outer diameter of the pipe, the number of pipes in a package in pieces (meters), designations of this standard, the conformity mark or certificate of conformity number.

Transportation marking is according to TDS -14192 with indication of the manipulation inscription “Fragile!”.

Transportation and storage: Pipes are transported by any type of transport providing safety from mechanic damages and the precipitation effects in accordance with the cargo traffic rules in force applicable to the certain type of transport.

It is recommended to use carrying means of packaging when transporting the pipes by water transport. During transportation and storage the pipes must be put on a flat surface of vehicles without projecting points and irregularities in order to avoid damages to pipes.

Physical and chemical features:

Outer diameter, mm

Wall thickness, mm









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