Gaseous oxygen

Specification        TDS 781-2016

This standard applies to industrial and medical gaseous oxygen obtained from atmospheric air by the low-temperature rectification method, as well as to industrial gaseous oxygen obtained by water electrolysis.

Physical and chemical features:

Parameter name

Rate for the grades 

Industrial oxygen 

Medical oxygen



1. Oxygen volume fraction, %, min




2. Mass water vapor concentration, %, max




3. Hydrogen volume fraction, %, max



4. Carbon dioxide volume fraction, %, max

Not rated 


5. Odor 

Not rated 


Industrial gaseous oxygen is used for gas-flame processing of metals and other technical purposes. Medical gaseous oxygen is used for breathing and therapeutic purposes. The formula is O2.

Molecular weight (according to international atomic weights of 1985) – 31.9988

Packaging: Gaseous industrial and medical oxygen is packed as per TDS-26460 as well as using automobile gasification mounts for the gasification of liquid oxygen directly at the consumer.

Industrial and medical oxygen is transported in automobile gasification mounts for the gasification of liquid oxygen directly at the consumer.

Marking: Each batch of gaseous industrial and medical oxygen, as well as each medical oxygen cartridge must be provided with a document certifying the quality of the product:

a) gaseous oxygen volume, m3 (calculated in accordance with reference Appendix 2);

b) test results or the certificate of conformity of the product to the requirements of this standard;

For medical oxygen, the registration certificate number is indicated (R.70/626/43) according to the State Register of Medicines.

Transportation: Oxygen cartridges are transported by all modes of transport in accordance with the hazardous cargo traffic rules in force applicable to the certain type of transport.


1. Upon agreement with the consumer, oxygen volume fraction in medical oxygen may be min 99.2%.

2. Warehouse storage of cartridges with oxygen and other gases is allowed only in rooms isolated from each other.

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