«Markarbamid» plant

By the outcome of the highly esteemed president of Turkmenistan to Japan, «Turkmenkhimiya» SC signed the contract on December 25, 2009 with the consortium of Japanese companies “Kawasaki Plant Systems Ltd” and “Sojitz Corporation” for designing, delivery of equipment and technical consolations for the ammonia and carbamide factory in Mary city. The construction of the project was realized by companies “Rönesans Türkmen Inşaat Sanaýi and Tijaret Anonim Şirketi”(Turkey), in compliance with the decree of the president of Turkmenistan of January 7, 2011. The plant was commissioned into operation in October, 2014.

Natural gas serves a basic feedstock for production process of the factory.

The factory applies the latest technologies, modern equipments and materials. So, the following companies act licensors: «Kellog Brown & Root» (USA) for technology of production of ammonium, «Stamicarbon» (the Netherlands) for production of carbamide and «Uhde Fertilizers Technologies» for granulation of carbamide. These companies are recognized leaders in the given areas.

Introduced technologies facilitate to less the most extreme requirements for construction of technological equipment, energy use, and exploitation expenditures for production and consequently cost reduction of production as compared with other enterprises for production of the same product.

The modern plant also includes auxiliary facilities: workshops for chemical water treatment, production of dried air for control and automation equipment, manufacture of ammonium c, system of cooling of circulating water and others.

Upon designing of the plant special attention was given to ecological aspects. In accordance with presence of systems and means of control of wastes at the factory, the production does not make a negative effect on the environment.

The commissioning of the given factory into operation has enabled not only to fully satisfy the demand for the given product in Turkmenistan but also export a significant volume of the granulated carbamide and increase in currency earnings of the country.

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